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Rooftop Solar Energy for business – Reduce your electricity costs with a rooftop solar installation.

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2.35 MW Wind Turbine commissioned at Lough Egish Food Park, Co. Monaghan

This Enercon e-92 2.35 MW wind turbine will generate circa 6.3GWh per annum. This will generate enough energy to power the equivalent of 1,500 houses and displace 2,949 tonnes of carbon per annum.

2.3MW Auto-Production Wind Turbine for Charlestown Installed

An Enercon E92 2.3MW wind turbine is currently being commissioned supplying electricity to a large local employer in Charlestown. Co. Mayo.

2.35 MW Auto-Production Wind Turbine for Grady Joinery.

A €4 million wind turbine has been installed by Wind Energy Direct at Grady Joinery, Charlestown, Co. Mayo. This 2.35 MW wind turbine will generate circa 6.2GWh per annum and provide Grady Joinery with over [...]