WED Renewables – Wind Services

WED Renewables’ core business model is where we finance, build, own and operate wind turbines via a complete turnkey solution with no capital outlay from our customers. We also offer the services below to customers who wish to own or part-own the project themselves.

Our main range of services includes:

The first step towards savings on energy costs & earning income from land lease is a site assessment. This service enables you to investigate the possibility of installing a wind turbine on your site. We will carry out an initial desktop site assessment to see if there are any immediate show stoppers.
Before putting any plans in place for a wind turbine, it is important to ensure that it is the right choice for your business or property.


What We’ll Cover

Your site assessment will allow us to establish the following:

• The location & size of your site.
• The best position if any for a turbine to be sited.
• Key constraints such as distance to closest buildings and dwellings
• Access
• Wind resource available on your site (desktop data at this stage)
• Any potential planning issues. (Not applicable for greenfield sites).
• The size of wind turbine necessary to supply your industrial electricity needs. (Not applicable for greenfield sites).

If a project passes the initial site assessment, the next stage is a detailed feasibility study.

Scope of the Feasibility Study

The feasibility study will cover the following topics:

• Estimate the wind regime on-site
• Identify possible turbine locations
• Assess the proximity of the site to other dwellings
• Assess the proximity to buildings, overhead distribution/ transmission lines, etc
• Identify the use of surrounding land
• Identify any environmental designations in the area
• Carry out a preliminary planning assessment
• Assess financial projections
• Look at possible effects on telecommunication service providers
•Carry out a grid connection study
•Carry out an aviation assessment

If the feasibility study is positive, our engineers will begin measuring the on-site wind resource by installing a Wind Mast and will investigate any potential constraints by meeting with the local planners.

The Ideal Industrial Site

• Large site with no dwellings within 500m of the proposed turbine location
• Good wind resource – 6.5m/s or greater @ 60m
• Located in a non-sensitive planning area
• A large 24/7 base load

For large energy users, we will analyse your load profile and select the ideal size of turbine for your load, site and wind regime. We will calculate the % output from the turbine that will be consumed on-site and exported to the grid. We will determine the % of your overall load that will be provided by wind energy. We can also calculate your annual and lifetime energy savings based on WED Renewables fixing the wind energy price for up to 15 years.
Wind Energy Direct delivers a full financial model detailing a breakdown of the CAPEX including:

  • Development
    • Planning Costs
    • Grid Costs
    • Aviation Mitigation
    • Consultancy
  • Turbine
  • Foundation
  • Balance of Plant
  • Construction
    • Mobilization
    • Planning Discharge
    • PM
    • CDM (UK) PSDP – PSCS (ROI)
  • Legals
  • Financial Close Fees & Tax
  • Operating Costs
  • Rates
  • Free Cash Flow to Service Debt
  • Unlevered Post Tax Nominal IRR
WED Renewables project manage our own projects including:

  • Feasibility
  • Planning
  • Tendering
  • Turbine and Balance of Plant Contract Negotiation
  • Construction
  • Commissioning
  • Asset management.

We also offer this project management service to 3rd party owned wind farms on industrial and green field sites. WED Renewables has successfully project managed turbine installations on complex manufacturing sites at Munster Joinery, Astellas, DePuy and Janssen.

Construction Of Your Wind Turbine

WED Renewables experience is in providing everything required to get your wind turbine built and operating – from the initial site assessment to engineering, design, procurement, construction and start-up.

Engineering Excellence

WED Renewables engineering team have successfully installed wind generation on brown and greenfield sites. On Brownfield sites WED Renewables engineering team understands the process of connecting to the utility grid. It is a fundamental component of any energy system. Successful interconnection requires not only engineering expertise, but an understanding of the complex nature of power generation.
Our engineers will manage all utility and site liaison to ensure a seamless transition with no impact to daily site operations.

Fully Managed

As project development progresses, WED Renewables will put in place the contracts necessary to procure the equipment, construct, and operate the project.

WED Renewables experienced team of personnel can perform all phases of project development – taking your wind energy project from a “concept” to a fully-functioning facility.

WED Renewables will install a wind measuring mast on your site and will measure and analyse the wind data over a 12 month period to give you a wind yield analysis report. The supply and installation of wind monitioring equipment includes:

  • Detailed installation report
  • Calibration certificates for instrumentation
  • Sim card set up for wind data file daily transmission
  • Daily monitoring content of wind files checking validity of data from wind masts, battery health check, memory capacity
  • Wind mast maintenance
  • Quarterly analysis reports- average wind speed at anemometer heights and wind rose.

Yield analysis utilises WED Renewables’ wind models against turbine power curves. For Autoproduction sites we compare 12 month of the customers electrical load profile to model against 12 month of generated wind which calculates wind power consumed onsite vs wind power exported, with associated economics.

In England, Wales and Scotland, WED Renewables will administer and manage the process to sell electricity via a PPA for an agreed fee. As an energy supplier in the all-Ireland SEMO market, WED Renewables also offers  ‘supplier lite’ services in Northern Ireland to sub 10MW generators who wish to sell their energy on the Single Electricity Market. We will also manage the FIT/REFIT application and administration process. Most generators do not wish to have the complexity and overhead of managing a supply company. WED Renewables can deliver this service to our customers where we purchase the output of your generator via a FIT/REFIT Power Purchase Agreement.
WED Renewables have extensive experience in advising and managing the turbine selection and subsequent contract negotiation process.

TSA (Turbine Supply Agreements) and Service Contract Negotiations.

We have successfully negotiated numerous TSA’s and long term turbine service contracts on behalf of self-financed clients as well as WED Renewables projects. We have established strong working relationships with turbine suppliers and legal bodies which has minimised timelines.

WED Renewables will manage the tender processes for:

  • Candidate Turbine
  • Balance of Plant (BOP) Civils and Electrical Requirements

WED Renewables has consulted and represented the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry to meet their requirements for a tender process. On all projects, WED Renewables has a tried and tested tender process inclusive of:

  • Consultant/Contractor Selection
  • RFQ (Request for Quotation)
  • Selection Review Process for Final Award
WED Renewablest has established relationships with a number of partners which has successfully delivered construction phase management on projects in Ireland including these services:

  • Overall Program and Project Managers
    • Program Schedule
    • Quality
    • Budget Control
    • Health & Safety
  • UK CDM (Construction Design Management)
  • Owners Engineer
  • Grid Interface
Once built, operation and asset management is our responsibility – part of our all-inclusive Build, Own & Operate service. We also offer this service to 3rd party owned wind farms.

After installation, your wind turbine will be fully maintained and monitored by WED Renewables – you needn’t to do a thing except collect your annual lease payments or enjoy the savings on your discounted energy costs!

WED Renewables’ unique Build, Own & Operate service, covers long-term monitoring, which is carried out remotely using state-of-the-art equipment. Our turbines are maintained to the highest standards, which ensure that they reach optimum efficiency, as well as ensuring the lasting durability of components.

The relationships that our team builds with clients, service providers, utilities and landowners are key to the continued success of each project long after it has started to operate. We understand that results count – and WED Renewables delivers.

WED Renewables offers the following three main commercial options to our large energy user customers:

  1. WED Renewables’ Build, Own & Operate model is where we finance 100% of the project and sells the electricity to the customer via a fixed price contract.
  2. Joint Venture where WED Renewables and our Customer share the ownership, cost and benefits of the project.
  3. The customer owns 100% of the project and WED Renewables project manages the entire process for an agreed fee.

WED Renewables offers a 25 year lease to our green field site customers.

WED Renewables is a wind energy development company with offices in Limerick. WED Renewables specialises in installing wind turbines on our customers industrial and green field sites throughout Ireland.

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